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Builder & Developer In Dehradun

Builder & Developer In Dehradun

The builders and developers in India are playing a key role in catering to the increasing real estate demand in India. They are contributing a lot to the rapid growth and development of this industry. Developers and builders generally buy land, finance real estate deals, build projects, imagine, create, control, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end.

The builders and developers in India are an important part of the real estate market as they not only maintain a balance between the property availability and property demand in India but are also responsible for various other things. Their responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining a license: It is the essential duty of all builders and developers to obtain a license from the municipal department. For any infrastructural development, a builder or a developer needs a pre-approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Registering with RERA: A builder or a developer should register all his projects with RERA. The documents related to the construction of a project should be done by following the guidelines of RERA.
  • Getting clearances from local government: The property builders and developers should get all the legal and statutory clearances before commencing a project. It includes the project proposal submission, NOC from the civic department, excavating clearance, lift installation clearance, water supply, fire control, electricity supply, etc. Without getting the clearance, it is not possible for a builder to initiate a project in any area.
  • Insuring the Project: The builders and developers have to own a risk insurance policy, which protects the owner against defective and incomplete work. It is also their duty to own liability insurance. This ensures that the quality of the construction has been maintained.
  • Offering superior quality construction service: The responsible builders and developers should offer praiseworthy construction services. It is solely their responsibility to ensure that the finest-quality construction material is used and an experienced workforce is employed for the construction of any infrastructure. Also, the builders or the developers are responsible to pay for the construction material.
  • Storing the construction material safely: The real estate developers and builders are responsible for storing the building materials like cement, bricks, iron rods, concrete slabs, etc. safely.
  • Ensuring the safety of the workforce: The builders and the developers are responsible to ensure the safety of their workers. They have to follow various safety measures to avoid any unfortunate event on the construction sites.

Dev Bhoomi Constructions is a top builder and developer in Dehradun. We work with many different counterparts along each step of the development of projects, including architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, contractors, lawyers, inspectors, leasing agents, etc. We offer only 100% genuine services and ensure transparency in the whole deal.